5 Key Questions to ask before employing a New Jersey Home Care Agency

In our last blog post, we gave away tips on the process of vacating one’s home and moving into a senior home care living community in New Jersey. This time around our focus would be on care that can be administered in the comfort of your home by a home health care agency in New Jersey.

As this is still a very popular service and a preferred choice by many people, we believe that just like any other decision one makes when it comes to adopting a healthcare service there are penitent questions that needs to answer. So we have listed 5 key questions you should ask before employing a home care health agency.

1)Is the agency licensed by the state?

By law, all agencies are allowed to have a license. It is important to do all the necessary checks to make sure you are using an agency that has been licensed by the state of New Jersey to carry out the home health care. If in doubt, ask

2) Is the agency insured and bonded?
Apart from having a license every health care agency in the sate of New Jersey is required to be insured and bonded. Make sure that you have confirmed that any agency you use fulfill this criteria. Again, if you are not sure whether this is the case, always ask the relevant person in the agency you intend to use.

3) Can the agency provide the services required?
This can lead to you asking questions such as: What services does the agency provide? Does the agency service the area in which you live? Can the agency provide all the services you need? Are services available 24 hours, 7 days a week? Would services begin immediately? If not, how long is the wait?

4) What is the Cost of care?
Cost is a very vital part of health care and it is beneficial for all parties to understand the cost before entering into any contract with any New Jersey Health care agency. When it comes to the issue of cost, the following questions can help make better and informed decisions. What are the total costs of the services you require? Does the agency aspect Medicare, Medicaid, VA Benefits and insurance companies? Are you required to use the services for a minimum number of hours per day or per week?

5) How good is the standard of the Agency Staff & Training they are provided?
The quality of the employees used by any organisation determines the quality of the service they would provide. The Best Health Care Agencies in New Jersey when would easily answer these questions: Does the agency require and verify employee references? Does the agency do a background check on all employees? What are the employee qualifications and their specific job descriptions? Do the employees receive special training related to caring for home health patients? Is the training ongoing?


The key here is not to rush into any decision you make. Always make sure you are asking for references and talking to the right people during the decision making process. The process of selecting a home care agency can be hectic and if care is not taken the wrong decision can lead to dire consequences for the person receiving the care. If you would want to know more about we can help you make the right decision for your home care needs, fill out our contact form by clicking here. We would be more than happy to assist you.



5 Tips on moving into a Senior Home care living in New Jersey

The process of vacating one’s home and moving into a senior home care living community in New Jersey is one of the most difficult life changes a person or a family can make. As most people would discover, selecting care for a loved one is not straight forward and can get very personal. There are many aspects to consider in this cumbersome process; in this blog post we have identified five primary steps to guide you through the process.

  1. CONTACT A SENIOR ADVISOR: Most Senior Home Health Care Homes in New Jersey provide you with a living Advisor. The Advisor is dedicated to understanding the need of a family and helping you discover a range of options tailored to your personal situation. Any advisor you select should act as a liaison throughout this process and they should always be available if they need to be contacted.
  2. CONSIDER YOUR BUDGET: Most families aren’t aware of the full range of options that can be explored to help pay for Home Health Care Services in New Jersey. Beyond what a loved one can afford on a monthly basis from savings and income, a variety of options can be explored. Reverse mortgages and life insurance policies are couple of many options that can be explored to cover the cost of care.
  3. EXPLORE AVAILABLE CARE OPTIONS: Things aren’t what they used to be, lots of changes have been made into how Senior Home Living is structured. Modern senior living options not only meet the needs of older adults, they also balance personalities, interests and hobbies. These days we have Home care communities in New Jersey designed for people who share an interests from Travel, Golf, to socially vibrant assisted living communities that place a special emphasis on fine dining experiences, pet therapy, cultural arts programming and life-long learning. If your loved one is suffering from a disease (i.e. Dementia or Alzheimer’s) that makes them vulnerable, there are purpose-built memory care communities that allow more flexibility. Having an understanding about various types of senior care is important and can help you and your loved one discuss available options.
  4. VISIT SENIOR LIVING COMMUNITIES: New Jersey has so many community health care providers. If your loved one hasn’t yet been included in the senior care discussion, we highly recommend touring these communities before doing so. No amount of time viewing photos, brochures, floor plans or reviews can provide the confidence and knowledge you need to have a potentially difficult conversation. Depending on your schedule, plan a tour at a minimum of four communities on your short list.
  5. PLAN AHEAD BEFORE YOU MAKE MOVE:  If you have selected one or two preferred options for your loved one, it would be wise to invite them to visit the community for lunch or when an activity at potential community homes. Your loved one will likely feel more confident and comfortable with the idea of a change in lifestyle if his or her family is with them and showing support. When possible, involve your family members in discussions about the advantage and disadvantages of each option. Keep in mind that once your loved one has made this life changing decision, it may take a few weeks for them to get used to living in a new environment. If all goes well; most seniors tend to realize that it was a good idea that they moved into the community sooner.

Now that you know five  things that will aid your decision making process when choosing from Senior Home care Providers in New Jersey, why don’t you go out and act on what you have learnt. If you want to get to know more about what we do and how can help at Elite Home care, you can get in touch with us through our  Contact Us page.